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The main difficulty with which ISU will face now is how to conduct the competitions

The International Skating Union (ISU) has released several communications for next season to help synchro teams in these difficult times of pandemic. Uliana Chirkova is a member of the Synchronized Skating Technical Committee and she's also an ISU Technical Specialist in synchro. Living in Russia, this member of the National Judges Commission and Coaches Council explains to us the main changes and the next challenges for the ISU.

Uliana Chirkova: "No one is able to predict all possible consequences of the pandemic"

Member of the Synchronized Skating Technical Committee, Uliana Chirkova from Russia is at home, like many others these days. Jura Synchro took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about the coming season.

Camilla Sundgren (MIU): "It's time for me to turn a new page in life"

Like every spring, new athletes are entering the sport, and familiar faces in synchronized skating are finishing their careers. Captain of the team Marigold IceUnity (2018 World Champions) for several years, Camilla Sundgren looks back on her career.

Synchro skating on 14 big festival screens!

The brand new documentary "Life in Synchro" premiered at the Ocean City Film Festival in Ocean City, Maryland (USA) last month. Interview with Nicole Davis, producer and founder of the synchro website "Get it Called".

BIG INTERVIEW: Music, Covid-19, Virtual Open Houses... Some themes discussed with Marilyn Langlois!

One of the Canadian synchro coaches, Marilyn Langlois talked to Jura Synchro. Music, Covid-19, tryouts or the collaboration with the team Nova Senior... these are some of the themes discussed with the coach of Les Suprêmes Senior and Junior. Discover her BIG INTERVIEW in French and with the English subtitles.

Saga Krantz (USA): "Everything will be just fine!"

Saga Krantz details the current situation in the USA. The head coach of the Haydenettes - the U.S. National Champions - says that the coronavirus quarantine has made things challenging but she's found ways to stay positive.

Kaisa Arrateig, head coach of Helsinki Rockettes (FIN): BIG interview!

Today was the big day. The Senior World Championships should have started in Lake Placid (USA). For the occasion, we are offering you today a great interview with Kaisa Arrateig, the coach of the Helsinki Rockettes in Finland.

A good form of exercise "that doesn’t impact the ankles"

Strict confinement is not in place everywhere. A synchro skater from Essex, England, has found a great alternative to continue training while ice rinks are actually closed in many countries: roller skating. Evangeline Perry shares her experience with us.

Team Fintastic (FIN): "We absolutely enjoyed every second on the ice"

The Team Fintastic (FIN) became World Junior Champions 2020 this Saturday in Nottingham, Great Britain. We talked to the team captains Emma Kaskinen and Karita Auvinen after their victory and ask them to speak about their experience.

Les Suprêmes Senior (CAN): "It is an incredible feeling to see our efforts rewarded"

After the Canadian National Championships this weekend in Calgary, Skate Canada named the teams that will represent the country at the ISU World Championships 2020. Les Suprêmes, the 2020 senior Canadian champions, and silver medallists Nexxice from Ontario. Seventh at the last Worlds in Helsinki, Nova Senior will have to stay home this season.

"In the future, we will probably use the Challenger Series as a qualification for Worlds"

The 4th and last stage of the Synchronized Skating Challenger Series will be held this weekend in Italy! With 15 Junior and 23 Senior teams announced this weekend, the Spring Cup will be a really important competition and teams will try to collect a maximum of points. A few hours before the start of the event, we take stock of the situation with Philippe Maitrot, the Chair of the ISU Technical Committee!

VIDEO: The great journey of the Australian teams

Each season, teams from Australia travel thousands of kilometers to compete in synchro competitions in Europe. This was the case, for example, for the Ice Storm and Nova teams which recently competed in Poland and France. Discover our interview with these senior skaters who train on the other side of the globe.